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We are a small LaMancha goat farm in Holden, Louisiana that specializes in artisan cold process goat milk soaps. We're so happy you stopped by to check us out! Our little herd of extremely spoiled and happy LaMancha goats, known as earless wonders, bless us with the most amazing goat milk daily. Our soaps are handmade with lots of love and made with high quality ingredients. Scroll down to find out who we are, learn about our commitment to creating the best goat milk soaps while being environmentally conscious plus meet all the amazing LaMancha goats of No-Nothing Ranch. Please visit our shop to learn more information about each of our amazing Earless Goat Milk Soaps! 

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Earless Goat
Milk Soap

Not only do we specialize in creating custom soaps for all your special events, like showers, weddings, parties & corporate events with our design background and ADA Designs freelance studio, we can create any custom packaging, invitations, signage, logos, programs, monograms... you name it & we can create something special just for you! Just give us a call, text or email us to tell us all about your special event. We'd love to create and/or design something wonderful for you!



The No-Nothing Ranch is a small LaMancha (Dairy) Goat farm. 

Here at the No-Nothing Ranch our goats take priority. There's a joke that our little herd eats better than we do! Let's just say they are spoiled and very loved. LaMancha goats actually do have ears! They have 'elf' or "gopher' ears. This amazing breed is  known for their docile temperament and high butterfat content with long lactations. Their milk is delicious and our family is blessed to be able to enjoy so many yummy treats, like cheese, ice cream, cajeta & fudge- just to name a few. We are beyond blessed to be able to make, sell and use the most divine goat milk soaps by No-Nothing Ranch!


We are Proud to be CERTIFIED LOUISIANA®!

In July of 2023, Earless Goat Milk Soaps by No-Nothing Ranch, LLC became Certified Louisiana® by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry! We have always been proud to be Louisiana Farmers & Producers and now we are able to be a part of this wonderful certification program. In order for our goat milk soaps to become Certified Louisiana® our soaps had to be made, grown (or goat farmed), manufactured, processed and produced in the state of Louisiana. We also had to be in compliance with all applicable state & federal permits, licenses & laws. When consumers buy products with the Certified Louisiana® logo they know they are buying products from the unique Louisiana culture we love so dearly. By keeping dollars in Louisiana, our community helps Louisiana families earn a living while supporting their local grower & business! 

We are a proud member of The
Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild. 

We are a member of the world’s largest community of handcrafted soap, cosmetic and candlemakers. The HSCG was founded in 1998 for a need to connect, support and promote the growing handcrafted soap industry.  Over the years, the non-profit (501) trade association has expanded beyond soap to cosmetics & candles. Today the HSCG is the largest membership organization of its kind, including thousands of members across the US, Canada and many other countries. The are a huge advocate for ethical conduct, safety standards, continueing education & certification, networking, insurance and lobbing for small businesses in our industry. 

We support the women of Ghana & their village by
using Baraka Shea Butter in some of our goat milk soaps.

Baraka means "thank you" in Wali, a Ghanaian language from north-western Ghana. We appreciate the hard working women who make this AMAZING shea butter by hand, using age-old techniques passed down through generations. Every time we order from Baraka Shea Butter, and anytime someone orders one of our goat milk soaps with Baraka Shea Butter, there's a direct impact on the women, their families and communities in northern Ghana. Their shea butter makes our goat milk soaps absolutely divine! Plus Baraka Shea Butter isn't just shea butter... they have many butters, balms, powders & oils along with the most beautiful handwoven bolga baskets. Their website is full of photos & videos of the amazing women, children, their communities and their story of Baraka Shea Butter.


PALM OIL certified by the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil. (RSPO)

After much research, we believe on simply replacing palm oil with another plant biased oil could create similar, if not even larger, environmental & social problems. RSPO minimizes the negative impact of palm oil cultivation on the environment & communities in palm oil-producing regions. We also believe palm oil's amazing distinctive properties in soap are worth supporting and driving change with certified sustainable palm oil.

We are a graduate of The LSU
Master Goat Producers Program.

We are all about continuing education especially when it comes to the wellbeing of our loved LaMancha goats. In 2021 Andrea Anderson, owner of No-Nothing Ranch, graduated the Louisiana State University's Master Goat Production Class. Safety, herd management, health care, nutrition along with ways for goat farms to be successful were all taught to a group of wonderful goat farmers. We learned so much and look forward to possible advanced classes. 


We are a member of
the Greener Life Club.

We are a proud member of the Greener Life Club which means we are dedicated to producing products that promote a green lifestyle.

We ONLY use phthalate free fragrance oils & high quality food grade oilsbutters & lye. We also love fair trade and organic ingredients for our amazing goat milk soaps!





Retired old gal, Jennifer, is my largest LaMancha dairy goat with a happy-go-lucky attitude. In her old age she's learned to scare us quite a bit with her naps. Jen likes to sleep HARD. If you think you recognize our Jen it's because she's the  inspiration for our Earless Goat Milk Soap logo! She's got a majestic beard and we love the supermodel in her! Jennifer is very close to her daughter Annie &  the grandma to Vieux Carre' & Magnolia.



Our Pretty Peggy is also retired. When she came to our farm she was truly the Herd Queen, but as she's aged, she has taken a backseat and prefers hugs and pampering. Peggy was our absolutely best milker. She stayed in milk for over 3 years after kidding! I think she would have went longer if I would have allowed it. Did I mention she gives the BEST hugs!!! Peggy's sister is Sue and she is mom to Alice.



Our retired sweet Sue! She came to us with a messed up udder, so she never had kids or gave us milk...just lots of loves and licks as she was able to live her happy life at the No-Nothing Ranch with her sister, Peggy. As one of our oldest goats on the farm, Sue still has lots of spunk... only after she finally gets up about noon! She's a total sweetheart!



Oh baby baby... it's Brittany!! Our sweet and shy gal is another retired goat. She is our outcast, the underdog and the one goat that takes FOREVER to eat! Because of her shyness, we've always feed her separately from the herd. Brittany never gave us much milk but she did raise her two kids to be the opposite of her... they are BIG, BOLD and top of the pecking order. Her kids are Aline & Luna and her grand-babies are Carlie, Grace, Beignet & Praline.



Our eldest retired goat, Dot, was always known as "Miss Meanie" until recent years! Once she started taking arthritis medication her attitude has softened. She'll still give you the side eye, but will also come ask for head scratches. She refuses to be brushed though! We never milked Dot as she came to us as an older doe and well.... that attitude! Just wasn't worth it! Dot is the mother to Sunshine, our Herd Queen, so special treatment for her! If not for that, Sunshine would put her in her place... real quick!



She who has the horns... has the power! Sunshine IS OUR HERD QUEEN! Although as she ages, I can see some of the other younger gals testing her. She's also half Kiko, a large meat goat breed, the reason we never bred her or even registered her with ADGA (The American Dairy Goat Association). One of the most amazing things about Sunshine is she is the BEST AUNTIE to the little goats. She LOVES to babysit, and protect them.  Sunshine allows them to eat next to her at the trough - which is unheard of as a herd queen. She and Grace are best of buddies. 



Annie is our first kid born on the farm. It was a perfect delivery and had us all full of emotions. She was actually born on the anniversary of us buying our farm. Jen was an amazing mom to her and now Annie is an amazing mom to her little ones, Vieux Carre' & Magnolia. Their birth wasn't as perfect. Annie developed ketosis- also known as pregnancy toxemia. She is a FIGHTER and made a full recovery. She used to be quiet and dainty... but being a new mom, or maybe being so sick, has made her rethink her timidness. She's a big LaMancha goat, like her mom & dad and she's been a great first time milker!



Next up is our sweet Alice!! She is so pretty just like her momma, Peggy! She is a big tall goat that loves head scratches, rubs and treats!

She looks like a deer out in the pastures. Although she loves humans, she's not too fond of the little kids in the herd. We're working on that! I think she wants her own kids... unfortunately she is having trouble breeding. We will be working with our vet this breeding season to get her hormones in check. Hopefully she'll have babies by 2024!



Our silly Aline is a crazy MILK MACHINE! Her and her sister, Luna, used to be called "THING 1" and "THING 2"! They were wild children! Age and becoming a mom has helped but she's still a trouble maker and SO SO  DRAMATIC! She screams bloody murder if I'm late by a sec for morning milkings or afternoon feedings. The neighbors can hear her  shrieks... miles away! She does keep me laughing! As a first time mom and daughter of Brittany, I didn't expect much milk but this gal has proved me wrong! She's been a great momma to Beignet & Praline too! (also wild kids!)



Our "Looney Luna" lives up to her name, although becoming a mom has really calmed her down. Thank goodness! She was our wildest goat ever and her sister, Aline, were both Trouble with a capitol T! Thank goodness she created some wonderful calm kids, Carlie & Grace. She still goes full coo-coo when she's in heat and hormones are raging. She's a big healthy girl and took a while to get her on the milking stand but now she's a breeze to milk. One of the funniest thing she did as a first time mom was become a total helicopter mom! Maybe the reason for the calm kids?



Carlie, our herd teenage, is LOUD and pretty demanding when she wants to be! Imagine that! She can also be the sweetest darling. She loves to graze & eat like her grandma, Brittany. She's also pretty independent and does her own thing. She's our afternoon feedings chore buddy and hangs out in the tack room with us while we are preparing dinner for the herd. She's not very close to her sister, Grace, but she does love her momma, Luna. We're excited to watch how this little lady grows into one of our milking does. 



Moving along is the sweetest teenager ever... Grace. She's got a spunky little personality and pals around with the herd queen, Sunshine, most of the day. She loves head scratches and rolling around the pasture basking in the sun. She loves the sun so much her coat is usually sun bleached. She's an adorable young lady with lots of manners and we also can't wait to see how she grows to be one of our milking does. Her sister, Carlie, bullies her sometimes, but its great her bestie is the herd queen!  

Her momma is Luna and grandma is Brittany. 



Oh the drama with this little kid! Beignet is a hot mess DEMANDING attention nonstop to the point of constantly getting her head "stuck" in the fence. (Really... how does a goat with no ears or horns actually get stuck?) After a few days of running across pastures to locate death screams for her to only pop her head right back out as soon as we touched her, we realized how she was manipulating us for undivided attention. So for a few months, until she grew big enough, Beignet had to wear a "helmet of shame" to keep her from getting in trouble. Grandma Brittany, Momma Aline & Sister, Praline, seem to just ignore her silly shenanigans. 



Oh this little cutie patootie is nutty for sure! Praline is another wildling taking after her mother, Aline. This girl likes to climb, jump and fly off of EVERYTHING... water buckets, feed troughs, walls even humans! She's the cutest mess! Keeps us laughing for sure. She also wants so much attention just like her sister, Beignet. Aline is a great "hands off" mom & Grandma Brittany is constantly rolling her eyes at these two little kids. Their little family unit makes us laugh all the time. 


Vieux Carre'

Our little darling Vieux is- we think- one of our prettiest goats we have at the No-Nothing Ranch! She surprised us with her colorings as lots of our goats have the white/ cream gene. She also loves attention and absolutely LOVES getting in the way of barn chores. Vieux has it out for the broom when someone sweeps. She tries to pounce on it like a tiger or stand in the way of every sweep! Let's not even talk about how many times she's caused an entire wheel barrow full of barn yuck to spill over. Annie, her mom loves this little girl and is such a proud momma. She's also very close to her sister, Magnolia. Jennifer is her grandma.



Our sweetheart Maggie is the largest of all the 2023 kids. She didn't start that way as Vieux was almost a pound heavier than her. She is just the sweetest, calm and lady like goat except at dinner time with the other kids. She had a real tough birth with her mom, Annie. The trauma created an umbilical cyst and hernia. She's a strong little girl, just like her momma, and had a very successful hernia surgery. We absolutely love her formation, can't wait till she makes a full recovery and hopefully we can breed her years from now. He loves her sister Vieux and her momma. We're also pretty sure she's the leader of all the 2023 kids. Jennifer is her grandma.